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  • What is Great Escape?

    Great Escapes are single day off-roading events where one can enjoy an adventure filled day with us.

  • Do you need to own a Mahindra vehicle to participate in Grate Escapes?

    Yes. You need to own a Mahindra vehicle to participate in Great Escapes.

  • What are the different events organized at Great Escapes?

    There are three different activites organized at Great Escapes, - A) 2WD (two-wheel drive) trail drive for vehicles like KUV, XUV, Nuvosport, TUV, Scorpio 2wd; - 4WD Trail drive (four wheel drive) for Thar 4x4 and Scorpio 4x4; and Off-Roading Trophy - a competitive event where one can compete against the best off-roaders in the country. The winners from each round make it to finals, where the last man standing wins a new THAR.

  • What is Off-roading trophy?

    Off-Roading trophy is a competitive event where Mahindra 4x4 owners tackle a set of obstacles on which they are judged. The winners of each Great Escape then battle it out at the Grand Finale at Igatpuri and the last man standing wins a new Thar.

  • Where are the venues?

    The Great Escape venues are announced on social media and on Mahindra Adventure’s website by or before one month prior to the event dates.

  • What is the cost to participate at Great Escapes?

    The cost for Great Escape is Rs 4,000 for two people, at select locations the cost is Rs 5,000 for up to 4 people.

  • Is there an option to pay at the venue?

    Yes there is an option to pay at the venue. However, the payment must be done in cash and there is an extra Rs 1000 charged at the location.

  • What is the additional cost per person

    The additional cost for each participant is Rs 1000, to be paid directly at the venue

  • Does the additional person get a t-shirt and merchandise?

    All paid participants get Mahindra Adventure merchandise (t-shirts and caps).

  • What does the cost include?

    • Breakfast & Lunch
    • Snack Packs
    • Mahindra Adventure Merchandise (T-shirts & Caps)
    • Mahindra Adventure Sticker Set
    • Recovery services on trail
  • What does the cost exclude?

    • Fuel
    • Spares and service
    • Travel/stay (if applicable)
  • How difficult are the trails?

    The trails are tested by professionals before the event, and are carefully curated with our vehicles in mind. So, these trails are not difficult. At all Great Escapes, the event marshals will be around to attend anyone who needs help, this includes recovery services.

  • Will our vehicles get damaged?

    The tracks are designed in a way to cause no damage to your vehicles. However, note that driver error can cause damages to the vehicles. We have alternate routes planned if one does not wish to attempt a particular stretch on the trail.

  • How long does the trail drive take?

    The trail drive starts by 10:30 and finishes by 2:30pm. However the end time can be a bit longer depending on the on-ground circumstances particularly due to changing weather and terrain.

  • If our vehicles breakdown, is there any way of recovery or service?

    Yes. We do have a “With you Hamesha” vehicle at all locations and if the damage is not very bad it can be fixed at the venue and the cost has to be borne by the owner/driver of the concerned vehicle.

  • How many members are allowed per vehicle?

    • If you pay Rs 3,000, - you get entry for 1 driver and 1 passenger (and you pay Rs 1,000 for additional person in the car)
    • If you pay 5,000, – you get entry for 1 driver and 3 passengers (for each additional person you pay Rs 1,000 extra)
  • What is the schedule for trail drives?

    • Reporting time for registration – 8:00 am onwards
    • Breakfast - 8:30- 9:30 am
    • Flag off- 10:00 am
    • Trail drive (4wd and 2wd) - 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
    • Lunch time- 1:00-3:00 pm (trail drive)
  • What is the schedule for off-roading trophy

    • Reporting time at the start venue – 8:00 am
    • Breakfast – 8:30am – 9:00am
    • Flag Off – 9:30am
    • Off-Roading trophy – 10:00am to 6:00pm
    • Prize distribution – 7:00pm
  • What is Off-Roading Trophy?

    Off-roading Trophy is a competitive event which is open to all Mahindra 4-wheel drive vehicles. In this event participants compete against each other through a series of obstacles, which puts one’s driving skills, co-ordination with co-driver, strategy and decision making, along with vehicle preparation to the test.

  • What are the judging parameters?

    Participants are judged on four parameters - total number of flags collected (+5 points per flag), number of cones dropped (-5 points per cone) and the rest of the marks are decided on vehicle preservation, safety and driving technique (out of 10).

  • What are the different classes to participate in?

    At each location participants get a chance to participate in two categories – Stock and Modified.

  • What are the vehicle classification for these two categories?

    Vehicle Classification for Off-Roading Trophy Vehicles

    • Stock Category
      The participating Mahindra vehicle should be pure stock. This means, the vehicle has to be in factory specifications; - the vehicle should be running the same mechanicals as sold from the factory when it was made. For this category, the only changes can be - MT tyres upto 31inches and off-road bumpers.
      Please note: Roll cage is compulsory for all vehicles.
    • Modified Category
      Any modification done apart from MT tyres on the vehicle will be classified as Modified Category. Only Mahindra engines/gearboxes and body are allowed.
      Please note: Roll cage is compulsory
  • How does the point system work?

    The participants will be judged on the following criteria:
    1. Flag Points
    2. Cone Penalties
    3. Vehicle Preservation/Safety/Driving Technique

    • Flag Points
      Each flag collected by the driver will earn him/her +5 points. The flag must be collected with hands by the driver only. For all flags placed on the right side of the car must be collected with the seat-belt on. And, flags placed on the left side of the car can be collected by unbuckling the seat-belt, but the belt must be buckled in before the next flag can be collected. In any case, the competitors must not exit the vehicle. Some obstacles will have a ‘Super Flag’ which will earn the driver +10 points.
    • Cone Penalties
      Each cone that the vehicle displaces/topples/breaks deducts 5 points from the overall score. The vehicle is allowed to touch the cone, but if there’s lateral displacement or toppling of the cone, the penalty will apply. If the negative points are more than the positive points, the overall score will remain zero.
    • Vehicle Preservation/Safety
      Score for vehicle preservation/safety is on a 10-point scale where the judges decide if the vehicle is being driven in a safe manner, and with the correct technique. If the vehicle is being driven in a fashion where damage to the vehicle may occur, the judges will deduct marks. Safety of operations also apply to the co-driver; the co-driver must always be in a safe distance when the vehicle is in motion.

      Other rules to keep in mind
      • Each vehicle in off-roading trophy must come with a properly working 4x4 with low ratio.
      • Seatbelts and helmets must be worn at all times during operation.
      • Every obstacle has a time limit (MPL) within which the vehicle is allowed to operate.
        Please note: Fastest time DOES NOT win.
      • The vehicles are allowed to stretch the boundary tapes, but if two wheels cross the boundary tape and/or if the tape breaks, the vehicle will be declared Did not finish (DNF).
      • DNF can also be declared when the vehicle is stuck in the obstacle and has to be recovered by the marshals.
      • In case of DNF, all flags collected and cone displaced up to the point of getting stuck will be considered for the final score and the participant will be given minimum marks for driving (2 marks).
      • Each vehicle when stuck will be given three attempts to get unstuck after which DNF will be declared. DNF may also be declared when the judges think that the obstacle is being destroyed by the vehicle.
  • I can’t drive. Would you provide a driver?

    We do have back up drivers for emergency purposes only. Mahindra Adventure drives are for driving enthusiasts only.

  • I do not have a partner. Can I still participate?

    The self-drive Mahindra owned 4x4 & the accommodation is on twin sharing basis. We would do our best to pair you with another single supplement. If we do not get a single supplement to pair with you, you would have to pay up for 2 people to participate in the drive.

  • Are the expedition’s family friendly?

    Other than the extreme drives like Mustang & Snow drive, all our expeditions are family friendly.

  • We are a set of women driving enthusiast. Are the expedition’s women friendly?

    We have scores of women drivers participating in our events and we normally have more than 5 women on each trip. The expeditions are managed by professionals and are safe to attend.

  • Would there be clean toilet facilities enroute?

    Every effort is made to carefully choose the bio-break stops at the cleanest place available. However, since the adventure events go to remote places there could be a situation where in one has to use a desolate area.

  • What type of accommodation do we get?

    We provide best available hotel accommodation at any given location. If the accommodation is not 4/5 star, rest assured there isn’t one available around.

  • Do you cater to special dietary requirements on the expeditions?

    We do cater to veg & non veg requirements. However special dietary requirements may not be possible as the expedition goes to some really remote places where getting basics itself sometimes a task.

  • Any age restrictions on your expedition’s?

    On expedition’s involving high altitude and long hours of driving, we do not recommend children below 10 years of age and senior citizens above 60 years of age.

  • I have a 4x4, can I participate?

    Club Challenge is a team based competition specially for off road clubs with a Mahindra 4x4. Individual entries are not accepted.

  • We are a club. We need an invite. How do we get an invite?

    Club challenge invite is sent to clubs basis the merit and standing of the club in off roading circles. The discretion of sending an invite to club is entirely with the Mahindra Adventure team. However, please write to us on [email protected] with a detailed information on the club, weather you have builds pertaining to the classifications ready to compete, a deserving application can get an invite.

  • Where do I see the SR (Suplimentary regulations)?

    SR will be shared with the participating clubs only.

  • Are non-Mahindra 4x4s allowed to team up with Mahindra’s 4x4s?

    This event is open to Mahindra 4x4s only

  • What does the entry fee include?

    Entry fee includes

    • Accommodation of the team of 6 for 2 nights on twin sharing basis Food & beverage 2. Merchandise Competitive stages Results and prize money

    What entry fee excludes -

    • Fuel
    • Maintenance
    • Transport
    • Breakdown
    • Personal injury and hospitalisation
  • What is a TSD rally?

    Monsoon challenge is a Time Speed distance format rally. It’s all about managing average speeds and involves a good navigator and driver combination.

  • Do we have to get our own vehicle?

    This event is open only for Mahindra owners and customers are expected to get their vehicles to participate.

  • Is this only for experts or for beginners?

    Monsoon challenge recognises people with various skill sets. There are various classes of trophies for beginners and professionals that provides level playing feild.

  • I do not know anything about this rally. Can I still participate?

    This rally is being organised by experts who are also great mentors. One can sign up and learn techniques of TSD rally

  • Is this an off road rally?

    Monsoon challenge is a Tarmac rally suitable for all kinds of SUVs, UVs and sedans that Mahindra produces.

  • Can I get my children on this rally?

    Children are allowed in beginners class. They share the accommodation provided to the driver and navigator.

  • Do you have to own a Mahindra vehicle for this event?

    Yes, you need to have your own Mahindra SUV to participate in our Camp Out events

  • How many people can we bring for the event?

    You can bring as many people as you wish to, the payment is per person

  • How is the accommodation?

    The accommodation is basic tents, on twin sharing.

  • What to carry for camp Out events?

    One must carry extra change of clothes, mosquito repellant, sunscreen and other essentials

  • Can we bring our 2WD vehicles?

    Yes you can bring your 2wd vehicles as there is a special track designed for you there.

  • How do I get in touch with the team at Mahindra Adventure?

  • Do you provide vehicles for training

    Yes, we provide radio equipped trainer vehicles

  • Do you provide pick-up service from the airport?

    No we do not provide any pick-up/drop services.

  • I don’t have Off-road driving experience, can I participate

    You don’t need off-road experience to participate

  • Can I drive my Thar at the academy

    Yes, you can. Keep an eye open for announcements on Track Day.

  • Can I skip the basic course and do the intermediate course directly?

    Yes. If you are passionate about off-roading and want to learn the techniques involved we recommend the intermediate course.

  • Can I get my family along?

    Yes, you can come with your family.

  • Do I need to own a Mahindra vehicle to participate?

    No. You don’t need to own a Mahindra vehicle to avail this course.

  • Is accommodation provided?

    We provide accommodation to Trail Survivor participants.

  • Is lunch provided for Getting Dirty participants?

    Yes. We provide veg lunch for all our participants.