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Challenges are special events which offer customers a firsthand experience into the world of off-road and motorsport competition. Be it a hardcore off-road obstacle course or driving against the clock in a rally. Each challenge is curated, designed and executed by a group of trained professionals. This is done to make sure each challenge is organized in a controlled and safe environment, as safety is our priority.

Mahindra Adventure organises two kinds of challenges – Club Challenge and Monsoon Challenge. Club Challenge is a mega event, bringing the off-road community under one roof. Off-road clubs from across the country are invited to battle against each other for the top honors. Monsoon Challenge, on the other hand, is for Mahindra owners who wish to dabble in the world of motorsport. Monsoon Challenge runs on TSD (Time Speed Distance) format, the perfect platform for beginners and professionals to hone their motorsport skills.

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