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No journey would be possible if it wasn’t for our fleet. These vehicles have travelled the length and breadth of the country, they’ve seen everything from conquering the Himalayas in the Monastery Escape, to spending cold starlit nights on the Jaisalmer dunes in the Royal Escape. They’ve brought nations together in the India Myanmar Thailand rally and hushed their way through to Russia. Needless to say, our vehicles have a lot of stories to tell.

The Mahindra Adventure fleet comprises of various Mahindra 4WDs. But it is the Mahindra Scorpio that forms the backbone of our fleet. When you arrive to drive, it is the Mahindra Scorpio that becomes your home for the next few days. The easiest way to recognize Mahindra Adventure vehicles is by the characteristic orange stripes of the Mahindra logo on the sides. And if you see one with headlights on, watch out because the expedition convoy is on the way.

  • The All-New Mahindra Thar 4x4

    These ones are practically built of the stuff from an off-roader's dreams. The All-new Thar combines old-school ruggedness with a modern classic look. And they can pull off everything you can imagine in your wildest dreams. From the deep sands of the Thar desert to the towering heights of the Himalayas, these machines have passed through the most unsurpassable challenges on our expeditions with utmost ease. But our hunger for adventure is far from over. When we set out to tame the extreme, these are what we roll with. PS: The cameras love them.

  • Scorpio-N 4xplore

    When you are out there to rule every terrain, there is no better companion than the All-New Scorpio-N 4XPLORE. Its (literally) ground-breaking 4XPLORE technology makes it the cornerstone of adventure, be it snow or sand. Powered by the efficient 128.6 kW mHawk Diesel engines, these beasts are capable of humbling the harshest terrains known to man. Our expeditions & desert survivor courses with the Scorpio-N stand proof of its unchallenged terrain-taming superiority and our ambition to take on anything that comes our way.

  • XUV700 AWD

    Do not be fooled by its sophisticated look, the XUV700 is as rugged as any Mahindra SUV when it comes to business, especially the off-road one. Equipped with AWD, a powerful mHawk diesel engine, automatic transmission & futuristic safety technology like ADAS, it can tread the extreme corners of the earth with ease. Being the newest kid on the block, it shows off its terrain-taming power with unmissable swag. And no one dares not to look. From the camp-out trips to the multi-day expeditions, it stuns destinations and turns heads, every single time.

  • Mahindra Getaway 4WD

    The Getaways are responsible you get to your destination on time and in one piece. They’ll make their appearance on expedition as service cars and house the support crew and supplies. They also provide support during the IRC and other motorsport events carrying supplies for the SuperXUV5OOs. With their substantial load carrying capacity, the Getaway makes for the perfect companion on a long arduous journey to the Himalayas. Did we mention all our Getaways are 4WD? They’ll walk the talk if they have to. So don’t mess with them.

  • Mahindra Navistar Truxo 25

    At Mahindra Adventure, we have a penchant for big machines. So it isn’t surprising when there’s a fight at the office over the keys of the biggest addition to our fleet – the Mahindra Navistar Truxo 25. The Truxo 25 with its payload capacity of 16,000kgs, has enough and more place for all our rally equipment, spares, crew and rally cars. The Truxo 25 can be sighted at service parks during the rally stages or at the Great Escapes.