Off-Roading Trophy Chandigarh

10th Mar, 2019

What is Off-Roading Trophy?
Apart from the two trail drives, we hold an event called the Off-roading Trophy. This is a competitive event which is open to Mahindra 4WD vehicles only. Here participants compete against each other through a series of obstacles, which puts one’s skill, co-ordination, ability, off-road prowess and machine to the ultimate test.

Unlike last year, this year the Off-roading Trophy will be held zone wise not city wise in a total of six locations across the country namely –  Goa, Sakleshpur, Wayanad, Ranchi, Hyderabad, Chandigarh.

In this event, participants are judged on four parameters - total number of flags picked up (+5points per flag), number of cones dropped (-5 points per cone) and the rest of the marks are decided on vehicle preservation, safety and driving technique (out of 10).

At each location participants get a chance to participate in two broad categories – Stock and Modified. Two winners from each category from these five locations will be invited on an all-expense paid trip for the Grand Finale held at the Mahindra Off-Road Training Academy at Igatpuri. The stakes are high as the finalists compete for against one another, one last time for a brand new Mahindra Thar CRDe 4X4.

The second position in finals is entitled to free participation in one of Mahindra Adventure’s international expeditions and second runner-up gets entry to one of the Mahindra Adventure’s domestic expeditions. There’s a separate category for women drivers who compete for women’s category trophy and take home a set of Mud Terrain tyres.

What is the schedule for Off-Road Trophy?
All participants who have registered for Off-roading Trophy event will have to report on the day of the event at 8 am at the venue. Prize distribution ceremony will take place once the event is concluded.

Forest Hill Golf & Country Club Resort. Village Karoran, Mohali, (Near Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh) Punjab

Each of the five zones would have the following winners:
Winner Stock Category
Runner-up Stock Category
Winner Modified Category
Runner-up Modifed Category
Winner Women’s Category (if applicable)

Vehicle Classification for Off-Roading Trophy Vehicles

1) Stock Category

  • The only modifications allowed would be MT tyres up to 31inch and off-road bumpers.
  • Roll cage is compulsory

2) Modified Category

  • Any modification done apart from MT tyres would be classified under Modified Category. Only Mahindra engines/gearboxes and body allowed.
  • Roll cage is compulsory


Points System for Off-Roading Trophy

The participants would be judged on the following criteria:
1. Flag Points
2. Cone Penalties
3. Vehicle Preservation/Safety/Driving Technique

1) Flag Points
Each flag collected by the driver would earn him/her +5 points. The flag must be collected with hands  by the driver only. He/she must not exit the vehicle to collect the flag. He/she may unbuckle the seatbelt to reach the flag, but the belt must be buckled back in before the next flag can be collected. Some obstacles will have a ‘Super Flag’ which will earn the driver +10 points.
2) Cone Penalties
Each cone that the vehicle displaces/topples deducts 5 points from the overall score. The vehicle is allowed to touch the cone, but if there’s lateral displacement or toppling of the cone, the penalty will apply. If the negative points are more than the positive points, the overall score will remain  zero.
3) Vehicle Preservation/Safety
This is on a 10-point scale where the judges will decide if the vehicle is being operated in an unsafe manner. If the vehicle is being driven in a fashion where damage to the vehicle may occur, the judges will deduct marks. Safety of operations also apply to the co-driver. The co-driver must always be in a safe position away from the vehicle during the obstacle operations.

Other Rules:
1. Each vehicle in off-roading trophy must come with a working 4x4 with low ratio.
2. Seatbelts and helmets must be worn at all times during operation.
3. Every obstacle has a time limit (MPL) within which the vehicle is allowed to operate. Fastest time DOES NOT win.
4. The vehicles are allowed to stretch the boundary tapes, but if two wheels cross the boundary tape and/or if the tape breaks, the vehicle will be DNF.
5. DNF will also apply if the vehicle is stuck in the obstacle and has to be recovered by the marshals.
6. In case of DNF, all the flags and cones collected up to the point of DNF will apply.
7. Each vehicle if getting stuck will be given three attempts to get unstuck after which DNF will be awarded. DNF may also be awarded if the judges think that the obstacle is being destroyed by the vehicle.

The judges are chosen by Mahindra based on their off-roading experience and considered the best in the business. The scores are subjective and unless decided, there won’t be any timing involved. The judge decision is final and any protest won’t be allowed.

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