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Authentic Goa

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Lonavala Great Escape 2014
  • Authentic Goa
    2nd to 5th Aug

  • Goa Great Escape
    9th Aug

  • Monastery Escape- Leg 2
    9th to 18th Aug

  • Wild Escape 2014, was the latest initiative by Mahindra Adventure under its Special Escapes venture. The first edition took the wildlife enthusiasts deep into the heart of Tiger country. The participants got a taste of wildlife, nature and uninhibited photography.
  • When the prize was of winning a brand new Thar, top 32 best off-roaders couldn't resist the temptation and entered the off-road battle zone. 2 days of intense off-roading with breath-taking challenges were faced by all, but Sibi Paul emerged as the winner of the Off-Roading Trophy 2014.
  • Royal Escape 2013 days were filled with adventure, dune bashing, bone-chilling weather, royal retreat at palace hotels, drives that were filled with surprises on the roads -- peacocks, deer and camels crossing and evenings packed with cultural shows.
Trail Survivor
The Trail Survivor Course is the second grade above the Getting Dirty Course. It is meant for the advanced newbie...
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Getting Dirty
Basics of 4wd theory which includes types of 4wd systems, vehicles and safety, basic introduction to off-roading...
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